Hungerford Nichols CPAs + Advisors, an investor in The Right Place, recently highlighted why they chose to become an investor.

"As accountants, we at Hungerford Nichols are always looking at the return on our investments. Was the investment profitable? Did it result in new clients or leads? However, our investment in The Right Place is different. We view it not only as an investment in our company, but more importantly, as an investment in our community. We’re not concerned with how many direct clients or leads we received. Instead, we look at our partnership with The Right Place as the 'right thing' to do, both for our company and the region as a whole. 

Hungerford Nichols CPAs + Advisors

The Right Place does an excellent job of assisting growing companies in West Michigan that stimulate the local economy. They also work to attract businesses to West Michigan, which increases economic growth in the region. In turn, these growing companies employ citizens of our community, enabling them to purchase products manufactured and distributed by our clients. They utilize the professional services of physicians, dentists and optometrists who are our clients. Their children attend local schools that our firm serves. All of this enables our clients to grow. When our clients grow, we grow. Hungerford Nichols has been part of the Grand Rapids community for over 76 years, and we follow the philosophy that 'a rising tide lifts all boats.' Therefore, the investment we make in The Right Place provides increasingly strong returns throughout our community. Their work drives economic prosperity in the region, creating a stronger and healthier community."

Tom Prince

Tom Prince, CPA, MBA

Shareholder at Hungerford Nichols

CPAs + Advisors

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