After recent announcements of nationwide layoffs by Cisco, Microsoft, and other companies, Hello West Michigan responded by building a digital marketing campaign targeting IT professionals in states where these companies have a large presence: California, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

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The current IT campaign went live in mid-April and is already gaining traction. The resumes of two candidates, one from California and another from Washington, were sent out in the weekly resume pack. Become a member of Hello West Michigan and receive these candidates’ resumes in your inbox every week. 

The goal of the campaign is not to simply increase awareness of West Michigan. Rather, the campaign takes potential candidates through specific steps designed to connect them with West Michigan companies. By clicking on an ad or a promotion online, candidates are sent to a customized landing page, which provides a brief overview of the region, Hello West Michigan’s services, and options to provide contact information. From there, Hello West Michigan contacts the candidates, conducts 1-on-1 phone calls, and includes their resumes in our weekly resume pack.


The resume pack program started in 2013. Candidates highlighted in the pack are typically trailing significant others, “boomerangs” (former West Michiganders contemplating a return to the region), people interested in moving to the region, or people already here but unemployed. In 4 years, Hello West Michigan has personally talked to and sent out the resumes of over 1,650 candidates. Over 800 of those candidates have been hired in West Michigan or started a business here. 

In 2014, Hello West Michigan started an outbound marketing campaign to cast a wider net when attracting former Michiganders back to the state. The innovative approach is unique because the audience can be hyper-targeted, and ads are only shown to those with a connection to Michigan. This results in higher click-through rates than your average advertising campaign.


Hello West Michigan is an advocate for talent, and provides downstream support to candidates and their families as they settle into their new lives in West Michigan. As a trailing spouse/significant other or someone who is new in town, Hello West Michigan offers support to showcase all that the region has to offer, guiding you as you decide to relocate to West Michigan or simply stay in the area.

Hello West Michigan


Hello West Michigan is a member-based program supported by over 80 companies around West Michigan. Member companies have access to hundreds of current professional job candidates in the Hello West Michigan system. Join the region’s leading employers, and position West Michigan as a national destination for talent and innovation. 

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