An annual analysis by CompTIA, an IT industry trade association, has named Michigan the No. 3 state for tech job growth. The report, Cyberstates 2018, was published by CompTIA and provides key findings and an interactive map to display tech industry analytics.

According to the report, Michigan's tech industry grew by 13,161 jobs in 2017 and contributed $34.7 billion to the economy. Additionally, Michigan was ranked No. 9 in the U.S. for net tech employment.

But it doesn't stop there. The report states that Michigan's average tech industry wages are $92,000 as opposed to the overall average wage of $51,800. It is also stated that the top tech occupations in Michigan are software and web developers and computer support specialists.

Overall, the increase in Michigan tech jobs displays the strength of the IT industry and Michigan's commitment to maintaining its growth. 

Michigan IT Industry Highlights

  • Ranked No. 9 in net tech employment
  • 404,300 tech workers
  • Average tech industry wage is $92,000
  • 11,328 tech business establishments
  • Expanded by 13,161 jobs in 2017

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