ADAC Automotive, an investor in The Right Place, recently highlighted why they chose to become an investor.

"The Right Place continues to demonstrate their passion and leadership for economic development in the area. Each year The Right Place communicates their priorities and resource plans to all investors. Moreover, they hold themselves accountable for results by measuring their progress and performance. It is one thing to talk about your accomplishments, it's another thing to prove it. 

There is an incredible amount of positive energy in the community and we share the fundamental values of working hard, tackling challenges, and supporting the lives of others. West Michigan has transformed itself into a great place to start a professional career, raise a family, and continue with lifelong learning. I'm continually amazed by the growing success of local businesses, cutting edge universities, and service of the philanthropic organizations."

Peter Hungerford
Vice President
ADAC Automotive

To learn more about The Right Place and becoming an investor, please click here or contact Brad Comment, Vice President of Investor Relations, at