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The Right Place


With affordable easy access to most major markets and a robust infrastructure, West Michigan is an attractive location for companies of all sizes.


An extensive system connects Greater Grand Rapids to major cities and transportation hubs throughout the Upper Midwest.


As the country’s 12th largest rail system, Michigan is well served by regional hubs in Grand Rapids and Detroit and supported by an infrastructure detailed in our State Rail Plan.

Michigan’s current Class I railroads include:

  • Canadian National/Grand Trunk
  • Norfolk Southern Railway
  • CSX Transportation
  • Canadian Pacific Railway/Soo Line


Cargo airlines servicing The Gerald R. Ford International Airport transport more than 91 million pounds of air cargo annually. Additionally, seven passenger airlines, including Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Midwest Express, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines provide 140 scheduled nonstop flights to 30 major market destinations every day.

Deep Water Ports

The Great Lakes can be reached via the St. Lawrence Seaway and the U.S. Inland Waterway system of rivers. When connected, the complete system offers a marine highway through the heartland of the United States, providing access to population centers and manufacturing sites from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Coast. The West Michigan Port Operators port sites on the shores of West Michigan are positioned to connect Michigan Highway and Railroad infrastructure to this marine highway system, making these ports ideal candidates for manufacturing and food processing.