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The Right Place

Library of COVID-19 Business Restart Playbooks

The Right Place, Inc. has compiled resources* from companies of varying sizes and industries to help guide West Michigan businesses as they begin restarting operations after the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) economic shutdown following Governor Whitmer's 'Stay Home, Stay Safe' executive orders.

Looking for more personalized guidance on developing a post COVID-19 operational plan? The Center-West is now offering a variety of services to meet these needs - from operational plan development or review, workplace evaluation and risk assessment. Learn more here.

General Business Resources:

For Manufacturers:

For more resources pertaining to other industries, visit COVIDWM.org/restarting-operations.

*Please be advised that some or all of the information contained in any one of these documents may not be applicable to all businesses or places of work. We strongly recommend that before implementing any of the ideas within these playbooks, you carefully evaluate, and consult with outside legal counsel as appropriate, the legality, applicability and potential efficacy of the information in your place of business. The Right Place, Inc. bears no responsibility for any circumstances arising out of or related to the adoption, or decision not to adopt, any of the practices or procedures contained in these resources.