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The Right Place

Industry Councils

Increasing competitiveness through collaboration.

Manufacturers Council

Convened in 1989, The Right Place/The Center-West Manufacturers Council is dedicated to the business success of the region’s manufacturing industry. The council’s vision is to be the regional forum for advancing manufacturing success in West Michigan. Members work together in a collaborative environment to promote, facilitate, enable, and advocate for advancing a “best-in-class” manufacturing sector. Learn more

Supply Chain Management Council

The Supply Chain Management Council is dedicated to supporting the competitiveness of West Michigan manufacturers by promoting best practices in integrated supply chain management. Members of the Supply Chain Management Council have a collective vision to be the Integrated Supply Chain Management hub enhancing the West Michigan economy. From that vision comes the council's mission to, "through the collaborative efforts of ISCM leaders, offer resources to all organizations and their professionals to achieve Supply Chain Management excellence." Learn more

Technology Council of West Michigan

Managed and facilitated by The Right Place, the Technology Council of West Michigan aspires to find new ways to make West Michigan top of mind for prospective customers and engage more clients across the country. Using market research and targeted messaging throughout the U.S., the group is raising the awareness of the incredible tech resources located in West Michigan. Learn more

MiDevice - Medical Device Consortium

MiDevice is the only Michigan-based organization dedicated to medical device design, development, manufacturing, and distribution. The consortium works to speed the growth and development of medical devices by emphasizing and encouraging collaboration among members to meet overall product life cycle and supply chain needs. The goal is to build collaboration around core competencies, create opportunities to leverage these competencies, and ultimately grow the medical device industry in the region into a nationally recognized medical device cluster. Managed by The Right Place, the group has more than 25 members throughout West Michigan. This initiative is supported by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation's SmartZones. Visit their website.