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The Right Place

Join the Manufacturers Council

Membership Guidelines

  • The company must be a Right Place, Inc. investor. A link to investor benefits can be found here. Additionally, the Manufacturers Council membership of $1,200 is invoiced annually.
  • Membership is by company not individual. A council members company is responsible for replacing individuals should a council member leave the company.
  • Membership is for manufacturers and select others invited by the Executive Committee that reside in any of the 13 counties which make up MEDC Region 4.
  • The company must be represented by a key decision maker in the company. The company leader or designee is expected to attend council functions and events.
  • A company that is not a member of the Council may be invited to join a working group.
  • Members are asked to treat each other with respect, mindful of customer/supplier and/or competitor relationships. Particular consideration should be given to hiring practices as it relates to recruiting member companies personnel.
  • On an as needed basis, council leadership to contact “lost” members to solidify membership.
  • If a Manufacturers Council member representative retires, he or she is eligible for continuing participation in the council if 1) he or she was actively involved in the council for the past five years (minimum) and 2) he or she was a high level executive for a manufacturing company 30 continued participation is agreed to by the Executive Committee and can be reviewed annually.

Interested in joining the Manufacturers Council? You may download the application here or contact Justine Burdette at burdettej@rightplace.org or 616.771.0304 for more information.