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The Right Place

Manufacturers Council Benefits


Membership in the Manufacturers Council provides an opportunity to create new collaborations with other manufacturing members and educational institutions. Many companies have worked together on everything from supply chain ordering to talent development and training.

Best Practice Learning

As part of a trusted group of manufacturing leaders, participating members share best practices and new learning with other members of the council. Plant tours and operational reviews are often part of sharing best practices.

Voice of Manufacturing in West Michigan

Since 1989, The Right Place | The Center-West Manufacturers Council has provided a voice for West Michigan’s manufacturing community. Throughout that time, the council has had the opportunity to meet with and educate local, state, and federal elected officials, government departments, and future candidates on the opportunities and challenges facing manufacturers in the region.


As a member of the Manufacturers Council, you have the ability to network with other members of the council and their teams. This private networking opportunity provides a chance to develop new relationships and partnerships in the region.

Solving Common Challenges

Many of the problems facing West Michigan manufacturers are not unique to an individual business. The Manufacturers Council provides a platform and time to discuss these common challenges and address them as a team of companies. Discussions have and continue to focus on cost improvement strategies, talent development and retention, innovation, and sustainability.