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The Right Place


The Right Place | The Center-West Manufacturers Council is West Michigan’s regional forum for advancing manufacturing success in West Michigan. Members of the council work to promote, facilitate, enable, and advocate for “best-in-class” manufacturing here in the region.

To reach that vision, the council’s strategic plan concentrates on four key areas:

  1. Marketing/Image: Advocate for a positive image of regional manufacturing through the West Michigan Manufacturers Council.
  2. Talent Development: Enable growth of regional manufacturing through developing the talent supply chain.
  3. Best in Class Knowledge Sharing: Facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experience, and practices to solve manufacturing challenges.
  4. Membership Recruitment: Promote the West Michigan Manufacturers Council membership to provide diverse representation.

Work Groups

The Council's Work Groups enable and advocate for the implementation of "world class" manufacturing in West Michigan. Participation is open to West Michigan manufacturers, and a brief summary of each work group is included below. For more information, contact us.

Continuous Improvement Activities
Champion: James Kolodziej

  • Brief workshop sessions around a variety of topics within Continuous Improvement including, but not limited to, Visual Management, Red Bead Experiment, One-Page Strategic Plans, Value Stream Analysis, and Inventory Management.
  • Attend what is most valuable for your company by sending employees who would get the most of out of the session.
  • Share best practices, experiences, and implementation success.

Workforce Development- Discover Manufacturing
Champion: Steve Heethuis, NN, Inc. | Mobile Solutions Group - DMCoordinator@westmiworks.org

  • Provide forums for resolving talent and HR issues facing manufacturers today
  • Promote the utilization of existing workforce development systems as a means to implement workforce development strategies
  • Engage local high-school students through the annual "Discover Manufacturing Today Video Challenge"