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Technology Council of West Michigan Benefits


Membership in the Technology Council of West Michigan provides an opportunity to create new collaborations with other regional technology professionals who are using, or considering using, software as part of their competitive strategy.


As part of a trusted group of technology leaders, participating members share best practices and experiences of interest and benefits to its members to help fuel the success of member companies.


Immediate value is provided at each gathering: an annual calendar of events is set at the beginning of the new year, but “hot” topics are generated from and explored by members as they arise. This allows the Council to respond quickly to new developments and provide actionable insight.


As a member of the Tech Council, you have the ability to network with other members of the council and their teams. This private networking opportunity provides a chance to develop new relationships and partnerships in the region.


Many of the problems facing West Michigan technology professionals are not unique to an individual business. The Tech Council provides a platform and time to discuss these common challenges and address them as a team of companies.

Join the Technology Council of West Michigan

Any company working in the technology field shall be eligible to be a council member under the following guidelines:

  • Maintain a primary office within Region Four (4); offering the full range of the company’s services
  • Provide either (i) IT Systems and related services including: cloud and hosting services, DevOps services, and managed services, custom software services, information & cyber security services, embedded firmware/hardware services and obtain the majority of their revenue from said services; or (ii) software products, or software systems that are sold or licensed as complete or customizable packages.
  • Be in business for at least 2 years

As a member of the West Michigan Technology Council, you will be expected to:

  • Participate in at least three (3) of the four (4) quarterly meetings of the Technology Council (may send a company representative; mandatory attendance at the Annual Membership & Budget meeting)
  • Support and participate in the Technology Council’s outreach efforts to ultimately raise awareness of the technology industry in West Michigan and improve overall company competitiveness
  • Participate in the Technology Council with the same rights, title and interest as the other Members in and to the materials and campaigns developed as of that date and throughout the Member’s participation in the Technology Council.

Interested in joining the Technology Council of West Michigan? Contact Jennifer Wangler at wanglerj@rightplace.org or 616.901.9343 for more information.