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The Right Place

Find a path to Industry 4.0 that makes sense for your business

The technology and innovation behind Industry 4.0 is changing the future of manufacturing. Is your company ready? The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center-West (The Center) is here to help your company embrace this new era of innovation.

Customized Services

The Center is equipped to help your company identify relevant and affordable technological solutions to eliminate your biggest problems. Using our Opportunity Assessment, The Center’s experts work with you in a hands-on, personalized capacity to enable your company to identify technologies that will provide maximum improvements and return on investment.

The Center is then able to create a unique and personalized plan for technology implementation within your facility. Suggestions are based on identified opportunities for improvement and areas that could most benefit from technology adoption, complete with projected returns on investment.


The Center’s experienced team has designed a comprehensive four-step cybersecurity program. We will help you gauge your current situation and tailor a plan specifically for your internal capabilities, budget, and time sensitivity.

To learn more about our Industry 4.0 offerings or any of our other products and services, please contact us at thecenter@rightplace.org or 616.301.6247.