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Continuous Improvement (Lean) Solutions

Reducing waste. Increasing value.

Does your company need to reduce inventory and associated costs? Shorten lead times? Prevent and eliminate waste? Increase resource utilization? Increase customer responsiveness and satisfaction? Improve quality?

Lean manufacturing is the continuous improvement discipline that systematically removes waste from the a process and is the standard for manufacturing excellence. One of the most popular continuous improvement methods, Lean manufacturing, provides the tools and methodology for manufacturers to meet demand while increasing productivity, capacity and profit margins.

MMTC offers a variety of Lean training solutions, but your individual needs might not fit any preconfigured solution. To maximize your investment in Lean training, we offer on-site customized programs and consulting services based on your specific needs.

Available Training and Tools

MMTC-West User Groups

Some of the best answers to internal manufacturing challenges can be found outside your company. User group learning formats provide time and space outside of your day-to-day business to concentrate on the bigger challenges you face.

These collaborative environments are safe places to learn and grow with others facing similar challenges and opportunities. Participants will learn through useful improvement ideas shared by members from other companies in the group, input from experienced facilitators, and by working directly on shop floors.

Sales Focused User Groups

Sales Person Training
This dynamic and action based user group is for individuals, new or experienced, in sales wishing to improve their selling skills and techniques to grow sales. Specific goals are to increase and retain sales in their respective organizations. This user group is a basic training must for all sales people!

Key topics covered:

  • Prospecting
  • Costing and pricing strategies
  • Relationship selling and management
  • Negotiating and closing and more…

Sessions and Costs: Ten 3-hour sessions. $1,500 per participant

Sales Growth and Retention for your Company
This results-focused user group is developed for sales teams in organizations wishing to grow and retain sales. Specific goals are to identify new customers and sales opportunities and increase and retain sales in their respective organizations, while maximizing profits. This user group pays back by tracking and delivering new and retained sales.

Key topics covered:

  • Identifying and engaging new and potential customers
  • Costing and pricing strategies to provide competitive advantage
  • Optimizing capacity and maximizing profits
  • Negotiations, closing, and new work on-boarding

Sessions and costs: Ten 3-hour sessions. $3,500 per company team (1-3). Plus $500 for each participant over 3 for any one company.

*Note: Not all User Groups are offered at all times; class runs are based on interest. New user groups are opened on a quarterly basis. Please contact us for current availability.

To learn more about our Continuous Improvement Solutions, please contact us.