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The Right Place

Restart & Recovery Tools

The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center-West (The Center-West) is pleased to offer several tools and services focused on helping our manufacturers with business restart and recovery in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Please contact us directly at thecenter@rightplace.org or (616) 301-6247 for more information on any of the tool/training options listed below.

PIVOT 2020 Toolkit:

During this time of uncertainty it can be difficult to plan past today, let alone prepare for your next opportunity.

The Right Place understands this and we are prepared to help. To accomplish that, we have worked with our Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center-West (The Center) and their team of experts to offer the PIVOT 2020 Toolkit.

Toolkit Benefits:

  • Creates a cadence for meaningful work and conversation during this high-anxiety time
  • Methodical scenario planning to more effectively make decisions over the next year
  • Explores options that helps you think about your capabilities and capacity differently, as well as how to deploy limited resources.
  • Helps your team identify signals in changing environments and its implications

**Please note: This toolkit is for those who have stabilized their business, expect to return to operations soon, and are looking for support in planning their next moves.

Once you receive the toolkit, the anticipated time to complete each task is as follows:

  • Form your team: 1 hour
  • Step 1 | Assess: ~4 hours
  • Step 2 | Anticipate Scenarios: ~2 hours
  • Step 3 | Anticipate Financials: ~2 hours
  • Step 4 | Plan: 1 hour to set up, 1 hour monthly to maintain

Post COVID-19 Operational Planning Assessment Services

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is everyone's concern. Employers are responsible for the health and safety of their employees, and that includes protecting them from exposure to the novel coronavirus.

As businesses prepare to return to work, or continue to adapt as information changes, your operational plan is a critical document that outlines your organization's plan for a safe return. It includes strategies such as social distancing, barriers, PPE, hygiene, disinfection, isolation and training.

The Center-West is now offering a variety of services to meet your COVID-19 operational planning needs - from operational plan development or review, workplace evaluation or risk assessment.

Learn more about these assessment options here.

Post-Pandemic Cash Flow Analysis

Today, perhaps more than ever, Small to Mid-Size Manufacturers (SMMs) are faced with cash flow management challenges.

The Cash Flow Analysis from The Center-West provides a model that helps you look at payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable with concise data and not emotion. This allows all stakeholders to have a shared investment and easily see how the forecast will affect them.

Learn more about the Cash Flow Analysis program offering here.

High-Level Leadership Development

The recent crises have been a pressure-test for leadership and culture as new values and perceptions form.

Leaders may be communicating with their employees more now than ever before, but this is likely one-way communication to simply keep them abreast of ongoing changes.

By developing a planned, deliberate culture to drive productivity and innovation, leaders can redefine and set the vision by understanding the needs of their team and aligning them with the company's chosen focus.

Learn more about out High-Level Leadership Development coaching program here.