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West Michigan Information Technology

From full-service, large-scale managed IT solutions to custom software, online and app development, West Michigan’s industry can build solutions from the ground up. Whether it’s a pure digital solution or developing integrated technology products, our region’s tech companies have the knowledge and resources to make it happen.

The West Michigan IT Advantage

  • High Tech Talent: A tech pipeline fueled by a network of 17 regional colleges and universities
  • Growth Potential: West Michigan's IT industry is one of the fastest growing in the nation, growing at rate of 13.8%, which is +9.4% than the national average *
  • Low Employment Costs: Average earnings per job in West Michigan's IT industry are $74,722, over$30,000 less than the national average of $105,570*

*Source: Economic Modeling Specialists International. (EMSI)

Top Occupations

Occupation Employed in Industry Group (2014) % of Total Jobs in Industry Group (2014)
Computer Systems Analysts 388 4.5%
Software Developers, Applications 505 5.9%
Computer User Support Specialists 398 4.7%
Customer Service Representatives 478 5.6%
Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers 408 4.8%

West Michigan IT Workforce Data

West Michigan's talented IT workforce isn't limited to only technology companies. In fact, we have one of the fastest growing high-tech workforces in the nation, with over 14,000 people working across multiple industries in tech-related positions.

Workforce Wage Data, by Occupation (2014)

Occupation Median Hourly Earnings
Computer and Information Systems Managers $45.46
Computer and Information Research Scientists $46.25
Computer Systems Analysts $35.31
Information Security Analysts $36.42
Computer Programmers $30.97
Software Developers, Applications $38.35
Software Developers, Systems Software $41.15
Web Developers $23.78
Database Administrators $34.01
Network and Computer Systems Administrators $33.07

Occupational Program Annual Completions

Program Completions (2013)
Management Science 193
Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications 179
Computer Information Systems Security/Information Assurance 121
Computer Information Sciences, General 86
Operations Management and Supervision 56

Workforce Growth by Occupation (2014)

Occupation 2009 Jobs 2014 Jobs 2014 Jobs
Computer and Information Systems Managers 834 960 15%
Computer and Information Research Scientists 20 23 15%
Computer Systems Analysts 1,039 1,636 25%
Information Security Analysts 123 151 23%
Computer Programmers 946 1,140 21%
Software Developers, Applications 1,421 1,737 22%
Software Developers, Systems Software 1,421 1,737 22%
Web Developers 376 500 33%
Database Administrators 335 390 8%
Network and Computer Systems Administrators 1,282 1,503 17%

Data reflects the RPI 13-County Region
Data source: Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI) / www.economicmodeling.com.