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The Right Place

Cost of Doing Business

The right business climate can turn big ideas into big profits. From creative incentives to affordable real estate and trade networks, West Michigan supports every aspect of business. The Right Place works with state and local partners to tailor high-impact incentive packages that include financing, local tax incentives, and workforce development. Here you’ll find:

  • A state business tax climate ranked 13th in the U.S.
  • Right-to-work legislation passed in 2012
  • Corporate Tax Rate ranked as 10th best in the nation
  • State Workers' Compensation costs that are among the lowest in the Midwest
  • Regional intergovernmental cooperation to reduce operating costs
  • Long-standing partnerships among area manufacturers to lower business costs and improve industry performance.

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To learn more about all of our incentive and financing programs or to develop an incentive package tailored to your needs, contact us.