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West Michigan Utilities

Bordered by four of the five Great Lakes, Michigan has access to more than 5,000 cubic miles of fresh water bordered by more than 9,000 miles of shoreline. These “inland seas” provide water for residents, water-dependent industries, shipping, and recreation.

Commercial and Industrial Energy
Michigan is one of the leading states to support electric customer choice. With an average cost per kilowatt hour that is lower than the national average, we are an economical choice for business.

Natural Gas
Michigan's natural gas supply is abundant, reliable, economical, and available from many suppliers. The state's unique geology and geography combine to provide some of North America's most abundant and economical natural gas.

  • Michigan is the 15th largest natural gas production state with 20 percent of its gas needs met from within the state.
  • As with electricity, natural gas customers are eligible to purchase their supplies directly from licensed alternative gas suppliers (AGSs).
  • With more than 650 billion cubic feet of cyclic storage capacity in geological formations, Michigan offers more storage than any other state ensuring a steady supply of power even during periods of high demand.

Utilities Contacts
CMS Energy Karen McCarthy

DTE Energy
Rick Werner

ITC Holdings Corp.
Charlie A. DeVries

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