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Steven Lopez

Business Development Specialist, MMTC-West

Steven Lopez is an experienced Business Development Specialist with the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center – West, affiliated with The Right Place. Specializing in plant and production management, Steven has a deep passion for operational excellence and lean processes. He is notably recognized for his expertise in driving operational excellence and innovation within Industry 4.0. As West Michigan's lead Industry 4.0 assessor, Steven conducts comprehensive Industry 4.0 assessments across West Michigan's 13 counties, focusing on identifying technologies that enhance operational performance. Serving small and mid-size manufacturers in Barry County and parts of Kent, his work is instrumental in advancing technological innovation and fostering growth in Michigan's dynamic manufacturing sector. Through these efforts, Steven plays a crucial role in ensuring the regional manufacturing industry remains competitive and innovative in the evolving global landscape.

Past Experience

Before becoming a key member of The Center-West and The Right Place, Steven Lopez amassed over a decade of manufacturing leadership experience in the Chicago area. Throughout his career, he has embraced a variety of roles, including Quality Assurance Analyst, Production Supervisor, Production Manager, and Plant Manager. Steven's expertise extends across small to mid-size manufacturing environments where he has significantly contributed to key operational functions. His comprehensive skill set encompasses planning, scheduling, and the adept application of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies for process improvement and operational excellence. This diverse background has equipped Steven with a robust foundation in manufacturing management, enabling him to drive operational efficiency and support the growth and development of manufacturing entities in West Michigan.


  • Bachelor of Business Management | University of Phoenix


  • Data Analytics | Thinkful Bootcamp
  • Project Management – Lean Process Certified | Management and Strategy Institute
  • Six Sigma Lean Black Belt Professional | Management and Strategy Institute