February 27th, 2024

The Right Place assists Italian energy conversion company locate Midwest business development office in Grand Rapids

Greater Grand Rapids Business Development Projects

Today, The Right Place, Inc. announced that Italian waste-to-energy conversion company, EBC Energy, will be opening its first Midwest business development office at 109 Michigan St. NW at The Bridge inside Michigan State University’s Grand Rapids Innovation Park.

EBC Energy, Inc. was formed in 2023. The company’s US headquarters is currently in New York City. CEO Dario Biagi and COO Matteo Biasin have more than 40 years of combined experience in the European market of energy conversion and sustainability. With the slow economy and saturated market in Europe, the former competitors recognized that now would be a great time to combine forces to expand into the larger, opportunity-filled North American market.

In Europe, the two partners have designed, engineered, built and commissioned more than 50 projects of various sizes and scope across Italy and Europe. These waste-to-energy systems create natural gas from biological waste materials, including animal droppings/manure, human wastewater and sewage, food waste/compost, and food/beverage production waste, all of which convert biological materials into energy. EBC Energy will provide US producers of bio-waste proven options to turn their costly waste into revenue generating energy, reducing the reduction of green-house gases, with the potential to leverage government incentives that will provide a rapid return on investment.

“As EBC Energy continues to grow our presence in North America, we found that Greater Grand Rapids is a perfect location to address the Midwest market,” explained Dario Biagi, CEO and Co-Founder of EBC Energy. “The business climate here has been extremely inviting, and West Michigan puts us near many key partners and potential customers. We’re grateful to The Right Place team for their collaborative support and many valuable introductions across the region and State of Michigan.”

“Since we first arrived in Grand Rapids, we have felt exceptionally welcomed by the community. Many local companies have shown great interest in our business’ technology and applications,” said Matteo Biasin, COO and Business Developer for EBC Energy. “Right away, we became members of the West Michigan Food Processing Association (WMFPA). It has been a great resource, and is helping us share knowledge of our technology, as well as how important it could be for this region.”

The Right Place worked closely with the company to assist them in choosing the Greater Grand Rapids region rather than other out-of-state locations. Through the International Soft Landing Program, The Right Place connected EBC Energy with professional service providers for banking and housing, along with connections to engineering firms, construction companies, WMFPA, Michigan State University, and many others.

“EBC Energy brings an exciting opportunity to assist Michigan companies with their sustainable energy goals, while generating new revenue sources,” said Brent Case, Vice President of Business Attraction for The Right Place and project lead. “We are pleased they chose Greater Grand Rapids as their first Midwest business development office location, and we look forward to watching them add employees and grow here in West Michigan.”

“We are excited to welcome EBC Energy to The Bridge and the MSU community,” MSU Bridge Director Kyle McGregor said. “This move affirms international companies recognize the tremendous value and resources available when partnering with Michigan State University.”

The company plans to host an event open to the community on April 18. Speakers from Michigan State University, MDARD, WMFPA, and many others will discuss how to create value in ag processes through systemization and integration. Details on this event can be found here.