Today The Right Place, Inc., in collaboration with the City of Newaygo, announced that wood component manufacturer, G-M Wood Products, will be expanding its current facility at 460 Clay Street in Newaygo. This expansion will result in the creation of 20 new jobs and a capital investment of $6.5 million.

G-M Wood Products manufactures and distributes frames and structural components for the door and window industries. Founded in 1987 in the City of Newaygo, the company has now established three plants in the area, as well as an additional facility in Toccoa, Georgia.

The expansion will add 140,000 square feet to one of the company’s existing buildings and will house high-skill manufacturing processes. G-M Wood Products currently has 126 employees in Newaygo and will add twenty more positions as part of its expansion.

30th anniversary photo from G-M Wood Products

“G-M Wood Products has been a part of the Newaygo community for over 30 years,” said Mark Micho, President, G-M Wood Products, “We’re excited that we’ve been able to continue growing and creating jobs here and are thankful The Right Place and the City of Newaygo have supported us along the way.”

The Right Place worked in collaboration with G-M Wood Products and the City of Newaygo to assist the company with its continued growth in the region. The expansion will be supported locally by a P.A. 198 tax abatement from the City of Newaygo.

“As a business that has operated out of Newaygo for more than three decades, G-M Wood Products plays an important role in this community,” said Julie Burrell, Business Development Coordinator and project lead, The Right Place, “Their decision to continue growing locally points to the strength of our region’s manufacturing industry.”

“We are thrilled that G-M Wood Products has chosen to once again bring jobs and investment to our community and are proud to support their growth here in Newaygo.” said Jon Schneider, City Manager, City of Newaygo.