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The Right Place, Inc.
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Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Featured Investor: Gentex Corporation

“At Gentex, we believe that everyone benefits – employees, shareholders, the local community – when we operate our business to the best of our abilities. But the reverse is also true… a strong West Michigan helps Gentex and other businesses thrive. That’s why were passionate about the work of the right place as one of the area’s leading economic development organizations.

Every business, at some point in its journey, needs to be pointed in the right direction. It needs help making the right contacts, connecting to the right resources, and knowing where to go for sound business advice. The Right Place has been pointing businesses in the right direction for over 35 years and we believe that supporting the Right Place in helping businesses thrive is part of our obligation to the community.

West Michigan has the resources and values that help a technology company like Gentex be successful. It’s a community known for its philanthropy but also includes a very unique culture of cooperation between the public and private sector. It’s home to colleges and universities that fuel research and medical advancements while producing a constant stream of new talent. It boasts a diverse economic base – from health care to automotive to aerospace to tourism. And to top it all off – a gorgeous lakeshore, strong Midwest work ethic, growing and vibrant downtown areas, world-class entertainment opportunities, and a cost of living that makes it all affordable. We’re proud to play a role in West Michigan’s success, and thankful for the ways it has allowed us to flourish.”

- Steve Downing, President & CEO, Gentex Corporation

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