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As Greater Grand Rapids' leading economic development organization, we specialize in assisting thousands of West Michigan companies. We have three key strategic pillars - People, Place, and Prosperity - where we focus on talent & diversity, community development, business development, and more.

Internship positions are typically available on our Talent/Hello West Michigan, Business Development, Marketing & Communications, Manufacturing Services, and Business Intelligence teams.

Open Positions

Manufacturing Services Intern

This intern will play an active role within The Right Place’s Manufacturing Services and Accounting teams. They will be responsible for the development of value stream maps within the Manufacturing Services team and how this team interacts with accounting. The goal of this activity will be to find ways to increase the efficiency of our staff and interactions between departments. These mapped value streams will also allow leaders to better understand the activity that individual roles play within the organization.

The right candidate for this position will be enrolled in college pursuing a degree in business, management, process engineering, or other relevant fields of study. They will possess a strong work ethic and enthusiasm to gain new knowledge and experience.

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“After working at The Right Place, I have come to realize their people are actively trying to develop the economy here in West Michigan, meaning if you were to relocate here, you are guaranteed to find something you love to do and make money doing what you love to do!”
TanyaFormer Talent Program Intern
“I have found that the company culture is very welcoming. Everyone wants to get to know you, help you out with anything you need, and I really appreciated that as an intern.”
JosieFormer Web & Marketing Intern, Hello West Michigan
“Some advice I'd give for newcomers interning at The Right Place are getting well acquainted with the email and calendar system so that you know what people are doing and when. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions, especially to your supervisors, in case you need direction or an understanding of the process; they can definitely help!”
SyhmingFormer Business Intelligence Intern

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